Business Plan

About us: our Mission - our Aim - our New Generation on our South African roads

Our education centre was founded by a visionary(s) with the objective of creating a truly world class organization that is fully committed to offering the best professional education and services to our learner's, drivers, and students. It is ultimately the goal of the organization to be a one-stop facility for its entire learner and driver needs. Our organization is positioned as an affordable low-cost facility with excellent services.

The vision from the very beginning was to make a difference by genuinely helping our learner drivers, drivers, and students by providing them with as much support possible. The mission is to provide and ensure high quality, convenient and comprehensive learner, and driving education courses (classes). The most important aspect of this learner and driver education centre is to emphasize
ROAD SAFETY Education.


Become a low-cost provider of comprehensive driving education services. Expand these driving education services by starting up more facilities in the rural and urban areas; with more target and focus on Grade 11 & 12 learners from the age of 17 years; thus including the Tertiary students, Working Class, and Unemployed Graduated/Youth.

àImproving overall road safety by improving the standard of learner and driver education

àImproving learner and student access to our education centre

àProviding the necessary education to skills required for school-leavers to be employable

àProviding quality learner and driving education

àProvide professional assistance

àProvide Defensive (K53 system) Driving skills to old road users on our South African roads.


Success Strategy
1.)  Institute a compressive low cost reduction program through-out South Africa

2.) Strengthen and pursue partnership with Government, i.e. DoE, DoT, DoL, etc.

3.) Aggressive pursue contracts with organisations who need our services such as High Schools, SAPS, Tertiary Institutions, Vehicle Agencies and Motor vehicle companies.

Marketing Analysis

Individuals in this country need Driving Education at one point or another in their lives. Therefore the potential market for our Education Centre insists of every person from age 17 years onwards in our geographical area(s) and Province(s). We segment this market into series of groups based on their individual needs and different demographics. These segments are:-

1.) Beginners learnerís licence and learner driver

2.) Adults

3.) Unemployed Graduate / Youth

Marketing Strategy

Currently our organization is focusing on its core market segment, the beginner students. This means creating closer partnership with high schools, DoE Districts, and Tertiary institutions and pursuing contracts.

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